Friday, 30 May 2008

Would you volunteer to pay more tax?

There is not much doubt that our next government will be a Conservative one. There is also little doubt that David Cameron will inherit massive public spending and an outrageous amount of debt. Especially if, as some pundits believe, Labour initiate a scorched earth policy.

So to the point: something rather drastic is going to have be done to get the economy back on track. Cutting spending is one option, but as we know Cameron will be pretty much stuck with Labour spending plans. Raising taxes cannot contemplated in the current economical climate. Of course there is a ridiculous amount of waste that can be cut out, which will be George Osborne's first task as Chancellor - along with the rest of our new ministers.

This morning I came up with a radical idea whilst driving to work listening to Radio 5. What if David Cameron asked us to volunteer to pay more tax? I'm not talking about a lot individually, maybe 1, 2 or 3%. To tell the truth I am in no way a wealthy man, however the recent cut in tax from 22% to 20% made very little difference to my wage packet. Obviously there would be the option to opt back out at any time.

What do you think? If enough people were to volunteer, it would benefit the entire nation. Now, I understand this will get a lot of people (who think they pay too much tax already) hot under the collar, but it would be by personal choice only.

There could be incentives to take part, even if it is just the feel good factor. Or maybe financial incentives to be paid out when the economy recovers?

What do you think? Please try not to swear too much in the comments. Obviously I wouldn't volunteer to do this under a Labour government - they'd only blow it on pointless reviews.

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Anonymous said...

You daft bugger, go and lie down in a darkened room!!

Mulligan said...


This thread is all a bit Lib Demish don't you think?

Anonymous said...

You are suggesting that we should trust a government that wants even more money? Are you mad?
If we have huge debts we need to cut spending. Is that so difficult to Understand? Isn't that what you do with your family budget in such circumstances? The conservatives need to tell the public the truth, not continue the lies and deceit we have had for eleven years. They will have to get used to it.

Anonymous said...

This column seemed to finish prematurely. I read the bit where you said "David Cameron will inherit massive public spending" then the bit where you suggested we pay more taxes. Is it that you think that "massive" is not sufficient?

Teasing aside I'm interested but you'll need to develop your idea a little further. Is it that you would like to raise taxes AND cut public spending so that the country has a balanced budget?

Jon P

Anonymous said...

I know... I'll work for nothing and the government can give me my weekly pocket money... if I'm a good boy.

William Gruff said...

Good idea Steve, good idea.

I'd love to pay more tax to clear up the mess that has been created with all the tax I've already paid but, as a man forced to do two part time jobs (one of them behind a bar for twelve hectic hours at a stretch selling alcohol to the scum of the Earth), earning the minimum wage, with a credit crunch and tax burden to support, I'd rather buy more anaesthetising booze to drink while I read other peoples' blogs.

I'll vote BNP before I vote for The Grooovey One and, as a former Labour Party member and trade unionist, I'm highly unlikely to do that.

Pay more tax? Only if it's to buy enough bullets to shoot most of the whole fucking lot of the bastards (there are some honourable ones), regardless of party.

Daily Referendum said...

I guess I had that coming. That's the problem with knocking out quick posts on your Blackberry from work. I'll do a follow-up post to try to explain myself a little better.

Anonymous said...

Give to a charity.