Sunday, 1 June 2008

Andrew Marr Show - Jack Straw, Ffion Hague, Edward Timpson.

The Andrew Marr Show has a great line-up this morning:

Jack Straw
Michael Gove
Ffion Hague
Sir Ian McKellen

Newspapers reviewed Baroness Helena Kennedy, Daniel Johnson and Edward Timpson.

This could be one of the best shows Andrew has presented for a good while. I wonder if Andrew brings up Alex Hilton's call on GMTV this morning for Gordon Brown to sort his act out in the next two weeks or go. Tipped has one of Brown's possible replacements, what will Jack Straw say? Either way the show should be enjoyable with such a great group of guests.

Watch it by clicking HERE.


William Gruff said...

Is Mrs Hague in the habit of appearing like that? She's undeniably 'presentable', isn't she?

Lucky old William.

Anonymous said...

Great tits!

Daily Referendum said...