Thursday, 12 June 2008

David Davis resigns - Campaign Video - A Hero is born.

As I said in my previous post:

It takes courage to stand on principle and put his political career at risk. I know this will cause some division in the party, but as far as I'm concerned David Davis has just announced that he will fight to protect my Liberty. He should receive the support of all free men and women.

Very well done David. You are my Hero!

All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.


Liam Murray said...

It's very high risk Steve and the risk isn't to his own career (he can't lose and will be back on the front bench by Christmas)

I'm 100% with you on liberty issue but worry that this is a distraction - if Labour don't field a candidate (very likely) the issue won't get any more profile, Davis will appear a slightly silly figure and the public will slowly forget the 42 day issue - not the outcome he wants.

Why he didn't stay in place and fight it is beyond me...

Daily Referendum said...


Fight what? Brown has proved he can buy votes. He will force this through and sod democracy.

Davis has taken the only option open to him. He's bloody angry that a vote has been bought with tax payers money and he will get my full support.

Anonymous said...

No ifs or buts... David Davis for Prime Minister.

Daily Referendum said...


I'm not sure. He would be a great moral compass for Cameron.

Anonymous said...

David Davis has proven again that he is an Honourable man, by god I wish he were leader, he's what this country needs.

He has given hope to many many people.

John M Ward said...

Looking at the comments, I am compelled (as someone who has met and talked to David D) to disagree that he should be leader. His best purpose is served otherwise.

I can relate to this situation myself to an extent, as I recently resigned from my own position owing to a (botched through a technical issue!) attempt to get a debate going on a subject that had become effectively taboo through the legislative actions of this Labour Government. It was a matter of personal principle and of deep concern for our society -- so, yes, I've been there and can feel the personal anguish that drives a genuinely good politician like DD.

I am also aware, though, that some of us are more useful as non-leaders. Politics should not be thought of one-dimensionally, and a good General will have valued staff and other resources and will know how best to deploy them. David Davis is one such resource, just as I in my own (considerably lesser!) position was more useful doing that job than aspiring to anything higher.

We all have our talents, skills and other abilities, and we should deploy them to best effect. I know I did, and am sure that DD is of broadly similar outlook.