Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Defenceless Royal Navy Destroyers - No Sea Dart missiles

Having served in the Royal Navy for sixteen years I find difficult to express the shame I feel after reading this article. No matter what excuses may come from the Navy or the MOD, this is totally unacceptable and downright disgusting for what was once a great maritime nation.

That HMS Exeter and HMS Southampton can sail without their missile systems operable (to save money!) brings shame to the Royal Navy and to the United Kingdom.

You cannot believe how angry I am right now.


Thud said...

I have no idea what is happening to the navy...one disaster on top of another...does it not have leaders who care for it?...this govt has let it slowly implode whilst its leadership seem incapable of fighting for it or war fighting.

Anonymous said...

But they needed that money to fund radical Islamic websites! That was obviously the more important use of funds.

P.S. Steve, I have a golden bit of Hazel bullshit on the blog today.

Anonymous said...

Can't this pathetic excuse for a government have its own favourite weapon fired at it? A warship is, by definition, liable to be attacked. Sea Dart is the primary weapon system so these sailors are unable to defend themselves so surely the government and MOD are in breach of Health & Safety and Human Rights legislation?