Friday, 13 June 2008

Hague says: Ratification of the Lisbon Treaty must be stopped.

Press release from the Conservative Party:

Speaking following the people of Ireland's vote against the renamed EU Constitution in a referendum, Shadow Foreign Secretary, William Hague, said:

"The Irish people have spoken and they have made clear that they do not want a Treaty that takes so many powers from the countries of Europe and gives it to distant institutions in Brussels. Despite all the threats that have been made they have had the courage to make their own decision. They deserve Europe's admiration and congratulations.

"Alone in Europe they have had the chance to make their views known. If democracy in the EU is to mean anything their decision must be respected. The Republic of Ireland's voters must carry no less weight than the Dutch and French.

"The British Government must respect the Irish people's verdict. Ratification of the Lisbon Treaty in Parliament must be stopped immediately.

"The renamed EU Constitution should now be finished. But, as we know from last time, even after two 'no' votes the original Constitution was brought back under another name. And there are now no excuses left for denying the British people their say. So unless it is agreed that this Treaty is dead and buried it is essential that the British people have their say. There is no justification for the Irish people being allowed their say while the British are denied theirs.

"Gordon Brown must now come to the Commons on Monday to make a statement on what the Government will do next.

"This is a great day for Britain and the peoples of Europe. Now is the time to end the old top down Europe which the Irish have so decisively rejected. It is time to renew the European Union on respect for its peoples' wishes."

Rt Hon William Hague MP


Liam Murray said...

Here's a scenario that you might recognise.

A senior Labour minister, perhaps Straw or Milliband, stands down as an MP and forces a by-election on the principle of the Lisbon Treaty. Safe Labour seat, Lib Dems stand aside, would be a miracle if the Labour guys didn't win again.

Would you urge the Tories to fight it? Would you accept the result as definitive national test of public on Lisbon?

If not you might need to rethink you support for Davis....

Liam Murray said...
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Daily Referendum said...


If a Labour MP fought a campaign on a pro Treaty stance he would lose, safe seat or not.

Davis has made it clear he will campaign on civil liberties only - against public opinion so the Labour party claim.

Davis feels sure that when our liberties are debated in public he can win public opinion. And I'm sure Labour are worried that when their policies are put under public scrutiny they will lose.

Davis I believe has a majority of about 5000 and is starting from a position supposedly in oposition to public opinion. He is not guarenteed to win but feels the cause is worth it. He is also willing to fight without financial support from the party.

Anonymous said...

Safe Labour seat???? That's the second good laff I've had today.


Anonymous said...

As reported in the Times today:
"Jim Murphy, the Europe minister, said today the Irish would be left isolated when the other 26 EU member nations passed the treaty into law later this year."
Is there any way we in Britain can prevent this happening? The Irish deserve support for the service they have rendered.

arthur said...

Fantastic result Ireland!
Unfortunately I think it will be ignored and the treaty will be bulldozed through regardless. How have we come to be ruled by this disgraceful, dishonourable bunch - Great Britain reduced to a banana republic.

John Trenchard said...

"Is there any way we in Britain can prevent this happening? The Irish deserve support for the service they have rendered."

The Irish No camp's position would be - thanks for the support , but get your own house in order first.

That the British aren't being allowed a vote on something so important is staggering to Irish ears.

The fact that Gordon Brown refused to allow a referendum in Britain, only reinforced the No vote in Ireland - it revived memories of 1916 and all that - as in "thank god our forefathers fought for independence... we'd have no vote if we were ruled by London"

That was one of the themes i picked up when i was over in the emerald isle a few months ago.

Geraldine said...

I have to be honest. The only reason Ireland has a referendum is down to one brave man called Raymond Crotty who in 1987 brought our Government to the Supreme High Court and whon his case that any amendments to our constitution or any EU Treaties must be voted on by the Irish people.

If our Government had a choice, they would not let us have a referendum and only because its in the constitution they are forced to have a referendum.