Thursday, 26 June 2008

Inequality Minister, Harriet Harman's positive discrimination

I take it that employers can now write: "White men need not apply" at the bottom of job advertisements?

Can you imagine the uproar if any other group of people were treated with such inequality? God I really dislike Harman. How the hell can she be the Equalities Minister and discriminate against white men all at the same time. It's a bloody joke.

Should white men now ask before an interview whether any women or ethnics are applying for the same job, so that they can save themselves a wasted day?

Why is it about the word Equality that Harman doesn't get? When it comes to job interviews, everyone should be treated equally i.e. The person most suited to the position gets the job.

No wonder Labour are so unpopular with chimps like her running the country.

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Anonymous said...

Either she's a BNP stooge or she wants to introduce as much legislation against poor white males as she can, before Labour are booted out forever.

Mulligan said...

The further behind in the polls this lot gets the faster it rushes out dangerous legislation.

Either they actually think that people want this nonsense, and will vote for them in return, or it is scorched earth policy leaving the next government with all sorts of unworkable legislation to unravel.

Since most of them are arrogant and thick,or still reliving their NUS heyday when they could mull over this sort of rubbish without risk of damaging our country, I suspect the former. *SIGH*

Anonymous said...

There is a coven of these women in the government, who bang on about wanting more rape convictions, more women MPs whether they want to or not, women members for men's clubs, and breast feeding in communion. "Bitter harpies for mandatory castration", would be a suitable group name. Socialism seems to do this to some unlovely women.

Thud said...

I expect more of this lunacy as Nulabour adopt a scorched earth scenario in their retreat from power.

Anonymous said...

1. Book sex change
2. Crack out boot polish

Problem solved...