Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Mugabe looks foward to a Conservative Government.

Jason Brown, Founder of The Political Wire has posted an interesting article on Robert Mugabe's sudden found love for the British Conservatives:

After months of bad news for the Prime Minister, there is finally some good news for Gordon Brown, Robert Mugabe’s stooges have come out in support of the Conservatives party. Sam Akaki, a journalist for the government’s mouthpiece, the Harare Herald, claims that the British government has engineered Zimbabwe’s descent into chaos:

For Mr Akati, the solution to all this unfair and nasty bullying of the Mugabe regime is the return of a Conservative government.

Only with the Conservative Party in power in the UK can that country hope to salvage its rapidly deteriorating relationship with Zimbabwe and Africa.

Isn’t it now plainly clear that the British relationship with Zimbabwe in particular and Africa in general will not improve until the Conservative Party takes over in the United Kingdom?

Quite what he hopes David Cameron will do isn’t clear. Perhaps this is a sign of how desperate Mugabe’s regime has become that it is getting its stooges to support anyone who is against the current British government.
Does Mugabe seriously think that anyone in the UK - whether they oppose the government or not - will support him? I don't think David Cameron will be sharing a long hot shower with Mugabe anytime soon.

I recommend that you read Jason's full post by clicking HERE.

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