Wednesday, 4 June 2008

PMQs review on The Daily Politics Show 4th June 08.

The Daily Politics' analysis of Prime Minister's Questions, with Andrew Neil was excellent today. It started with some not very complimentary viewers comments on Gordon Brown's premiership. Cameron's question on the proposed road tax hike on family cars was discussed and Nick Robinson boiled all the waffle down to it being scrapped but that Labour didn't want to be seen U-Turning again. After all, what is Green about taxing a family who cannot afford to change their car? They'll still be driving the same car, while paying more tax to Brown for the privilege. Michael Howard pointed out that the Tory proposal was that any Green taxes introduced must be off set by reducing the tax burden on the family in other areas.

Poor old Ben Bradshaw got a right old bashing from Andrew Neil. You've got to feel sorry for him - how are you supposed to defend such pathetic policies? Andrew also tore into him over climate change. He repeatedly asked Ben why the government were imposing Green taxes when the Global temperature has dropped for the last ten years and looks to drop again this year. Let's get something straight - I'm willing to go along with the possibility that we could be seeing Global warming eventually - but I don't want to pay extra taxes to support the theory. I'll pay a Green tax if it makes them happy, but I want to pay less tax on something else so that I'm not out of pocket.

You can watch The Daily Politics show (which includes PMQs) by clicking HERE.

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