Tuesday, 8 July 2008

What Fraser Nelson saw in Glasgow East

Coffee HouseOver on the Coffee House Blog, Fraser Nelson has posted on his visit to Glasgow East. His story, both haunting and sad, takes me back to my youth. According to Gordon Brown we have had 11 years of economic growth and stability, and yet there are areas of our country where life is just one slow, miserable march towards death. A fate that only a lucky few escape. Here is a little of what Fraser found in Glasgow East:

Our final stop was a high rise tower block of flats next to Celtic Park. We were let in to film the view from an empty flat on the top floor. On the way in, we passed a man staggering by clutching a can of Special Brew and children behind him, calling him 'dad'. Each child had two dogs. Lifts come seldom, so plenty piled on the one taking us to the 29th floor. We were joined by a chap who was clearly a drug user, he asked the cameraman how much his equipment cost. "A fair amount" he said. He then offered to "steal" it from him, and split the proceeds. He declined. This guy couldn't have been any more than 20, yet he looked like a ghost. This was Parkhead South where life expectancy is 62 years (and falling). Life expectancy is higher in both Uzbekistan and Bangladesh.
You can read Fraser's full story by clicking HERE.


James Higham said...

Rab C Nesbitt was no fiction then.

Letters From A Tory said...

Sounds horrific and I have no doubt it would been a tough experience just to be there.

This is another reason why each country should be focussed on raising and spending its own money to sort out its own problems. How can we tackle this problem from Westminster?

Joe Middleton said...

Since the union is failing people the logical answer is independence. The pseudo Tory parties won't help one person. they been bought and sold a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

"we have had 11 years of economic growth and stability" -- this is absolutely the point.

IF the growth was as good as Brown/Blair/ labour have been saying then where is the benefits of this growth?

Why despite this growth have the numbers of people not in jobs actually gone up and gone up considerably?

New jobs may have been created but they have gone to foreigners. Where is the new investment the new factories the blue sky new industries?

Where is the improvements to our infrastructure? Where is the forward planning in our power generation?

The plain fact is that the alleged growth is illusory. Growth created by mass immigration - which in itself requires gov. spending - our growth per head is static.
Far from this 'growth' leading to higher revenues we have had higher taxation and still gov deficits.

We have not had 'growth -- we have had waste, on a grand scale.

Daily Referendum said...


And they have the bloody cheek to criticise Davis for "wasting" £200,000 fighting for our civil liberties. Ar*eholes.

Joe Middleton said...

Davis is dead right and Labour are cowards for avoiding the by-election.