Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Climate change storm troopers claim police smear.

Why is that some people believe that it is their right to break the law to show protest?

The bean eating soap dodgers (a little unfair as the police confiscated 10 kg of handmade biodegradable soap) are not happy at the Camp For Climate Action 2008. The police have found a stash of equipment near to the camp and other items in the camp itself. Gary Beautridge, the assistant chief constable of Kent police, said that while most of the people at the camp were peaceful, it was "clear" a minority intended to use the equipment for "criminal purposes". The happy campers say that they are fighting battle against Climate Change. They intend to carry out a "mass action" to shut down Kingsnorth coal fired power station - Saturday, 9th August, 2008.

One camper Isabelle Michel said "This in no way justifies the way the police are treating the camp," she said. "It is disgraceful to suggest that the campers have criminal intent. "This is obviously an attempt by the police to distract us from raising issues about climate change." No Isabelle, they are trying to prevent some of the more radical members of your camp breaking the law and putting themselves and EON employees at risk.

Here is a list of the equipment found:

An adapted knife,
A knife block containing knives,
A large chain with a padlock,
Bolt croppers,
Climbing ropes
Padded suits.

This is not the equipment you would gather to hold a lawful protest.

OK, let's see what the ClimateCamp website has to say:

Join with thousands in the battle against Climate Change, Mass action to shut down Kingsnorth coal fired power station - Saturday, 9th August, 2008. This summer, the Camp for Climate Action will be located near Kingsnorth, a coal-fired power station that pumps 10 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year. We chose Kingsnorth, because while the current power station is scheduled to be knocked down, owners E.ON plan to build a brand new coal-fired plant in same place! Could there be a clearer case of business-as-usual, despite all the talk of climate change being the most important threat facing humanity? On Saturday August 9th, the climate camp will go beyond talk and culminate in a spectacular mass action to shut down Kingsnorth. Permanently!

What really gets me about this whole kerfuffle is the reasoning behind targeting EON and the Kingsnorth coal fired power station. I just don't get it. EON are demolishing a Power station that produces 10 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, and they are replacing it with one that will reduce that figure by 40%. While this is not a complete solution, surely to God it is a massive step in the right direction?


Thud said...

for the usual suspects reason does not enter into the equation....confrontation is the name of the game..onwards to the past!

Anonymous said...

And if these wet bastards really wanted to do something about the problem they'd cart their miserable arses off to China where they are building 15 of these plants, of the old style, a week. But noooooo, China is awesome because they're all communist and stuff.

Wolfie said...

The explanation is actually quite simple. I used to meet quite a lot of this sort when my Sister was going through her "Hippy" phase, they thought me alright as I always turned-up on a custom chopper. They are a well meaning lot who want to change the world for the better but are crippled by the fact that they are by and large utterly stupid and easily manipulated by communist elements.

Anonymous said...

what an unbelievable amount of dribble that has been written here by the 3 stooges and the tory 'member'


the weapons found by the police were not found anywhere near the camp. but 'somewhere' on the Hoo peninsula.


1400 police from over half the countries police forces. with a budget of £1 milllion.

against what? a couple of thousand "communists, hippies and this sort"

oh dear oh dear, if you actually bothered to stop perpetuating all of these old stereotypes and visited the camp to meet some of the MP's, doctors, scientists, journalists, artists and bakers (yes there is a bakery on site) then you would find that they are representative of society that actually knows that climate change is a reality and that we have very little time to do something about it.

educating ourselves and the locals about how to live in a post carbon economy and maybe shutting down a dinosaur of a power station for a day is really the only thing left to do.

as for China? if we cannot lead by example then how can we expect any other country to.

ultimately Kingsnorth one will be closed, when that happens maybe then you will wake up, by then history will have shown that Kingsnorth two will NOT have been built and you will have wished that instead of burying your heads in the pompous neo-liberal sand, that you had come to climate camp 2008 where the power is renewable and the only sand you will find is in the locally produced organic sandwiches hand made with fresh bread on site every day.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we could generate electricity... by putting these people in a huge hamster wheel.

Anonymous said...

I predicted years ago, that the morons who thought 'Most Haunted' was pure science, would find a way of making people's life a real misery after having been made to look foolish for believing in 'orbs'.

From the Climate Camp website...
"But the energy gap is a nonsense.

Check out the Government's own projections:

• The amount electricity generating capacity reduction by 2027 from closing old coal and nuclear power stations: 35%
• The amount of energy Gordon Brown has said we will generate from renewable sources by 2020: 40%"

Personally, I'd believe in 'orbs' and ghosties before one of Gordon's predictions... We're all doomed I tell ye... doooooooomed.

Letters From A Tory said...

As I'm sure you can appreciate Steve, common sense rarely makes an appearance in the debate over climate change. The protestors are not interested in getting their facts straight.

Thud said...

anon..am I curly,larry or moe?

John M Ward said...

I wrote my own article on this business a few days ago. They are aiming their publicity-seeking guns in the wrong direction, and as usual tackling a symptom rather than the cause. They'd make lousy doctors!

As for Thud's identity -- well, it isn't Curly. :-)