Friday, 19 September 2008

More Labour bias from the BBC politics section.

I use the BBC News website quite a lot, it's a great site, but it lets itself down by having a politics section run by what seem to be Gordon Brown's best mates. On last night's Question Time, Harriet Harman got a right slating from the panel and the audience (even though it seemed that Labour HQ had bussed in the last of their die-hard supporters from the bunker).

Even so, the BBC's politics section chose to put up the article: Labour rebels made error - Harman (with attached video). If you watch the video it will show you Harman saying that the rebels made an error. What it does not show is that she made her loyal statement in response to being asked if she would stand in a leadership election if one was called - she would not answer - as the video shows she just waffled on about Gordon being the best man for the job.

You can see the real story by watching Question Time yourself by clicking HERE (23min 40secs in)


Anonymous said...

I noticed also that BBC website didn't run the story about Conservatives on 52% yesterday, or at least I couldn't find it

Anonymous said...

The press is sickengly pro tory it is moslty ocxbridge public educated people who hate the idea of state school edcuated leader of this nation.
You tories are arrogant bore to rule types.

John M Ward said...

Apart from having been unaware that Gordon Brown had any best mates, I agree with everything you've written here, Steve.

The BBC's political bias — often revealed more by what they don't report as by what they do — has become so blatant in recent times that I am finding more people telling me about it before I have provided my own evidence.

Oh, I also have the two watchdog websites on my blogroll and visit them regularly, and I suggest that everyone reading this comment does the same and passes the message on to family, friends and work colleagues.

Only when enough people realise what is going on at the BBC and realise it is endemic, then (a) the BBC's reporting will taken with a pinch of salt or ignored in favour of other channels, and (b) a really large weight of pressure can be brought to bear to deal with it.

I look forward to that happening one fine day.

Anonymous said...

Anon, they mentioned it very briefly at the bottom of this article:

Which is essentially a mouthpiece for Prescott to rally the troops around the Dear Leader.

Man in a Shed said...

Her moment has certainly past (come and gone)!

The MSM story will soon swtich to Brown surviving and with the inevitable logic of the modern soap opera they will try to build him up again.

Its going to be a very dangerous time.