Sunday, 4 October 2009

Is there something rotten at the Biased BBC?

Over the last 48 hours I have had to send two complaint emails to the BBC. I'm not one for the "Mr angry from Gosport" bit, but whoever is writing the political articles for the BBC's online news service is weaving some terrible lies into them.

Yesterday, their article PM agrees to TV election debate claimed that Cameron and Clegg had yet to confirm that they would take part in the debates. That of course was totally inaccurate as they had both agreed weeks ago and it was Gordon Brown who was doing the dithering. The article has since been changed. I imagine I wasn't the only one to email them.

Today they are running the article: Cameron promises 'new direction' they say:

"He promised a vote on the treaty should his party win the election - but only if it had not been ratified by all EU member states.

He has so far failed to repeat that promise, now it looks likely that it will be approved by every member state."

That is of course a lie. Cameron has repeated his promise several times over the last few days. He even sent an email out to members and the press to confirm his stance.

I hope this is just a case of poor journalism, rather than a direct attempt by someone at the BBC to undermine David Cameron.

UPDATE @ 10:40: Today's article has been changed.


Anonymous said...

The 'BBC' is McLabours 'Pravda', and it would be more accurate to call it the 'EUBC'.

cynicalHighlander said...

Your assertion on the biased BBC has more truth in it than people realise.

Anonymous said...

For a new Conservative government to leave the broadcast news programmes in the control of a handful of unelected, self-appointed unrepresentative Labour supporting people would be fatal to any chance of reform.

The intensity of the sustained and deliberate mischief they would cause would make the operation of a reforming Conservative government impossible.

This is the very first reform they must make, for the success of all the other reforms depend on it.

winston smith said...

lets hope the bbc is dismantled

Anonymous said...

"poor journalism"... is there any other kind?

Anonymous said...

Although you would never admit it, what the BBC stated is factually correct.