Sunday, 4 October 2009

Obama: Gordon, your services are no longer required.

Oh the sweet, sweet irony! Obama is about to custard pie Gordon Brown. It's ironic because Gordon Brown has forced an unwilling nation to sign up to the Lisbon Treaty - only to find himself playing second fiddle to Tony Blair. He he!

From the Mail:
Humiliation for Gordon Brown over US plan for G4 elite
without Britain.

Labour last night faced humiliation with the prospect of Britain missing out on a place in a new elite club of economic superpowers.

Reports in the United States claim President Barack Obama is keen to establish a top table of global economies which would leave Britain on the sidelines.

The proposal will put further pressure on Chancellor Alistair Darling and Prime Minister Gordon Brown as Britain also faces dismissal from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The so-called Group of Four (G4) would comprise the biggest global economies: America, Japan, China and the Eurozone countries.

It would have enormous clout over international economic affairs, an arena in which Britain has for many years punched above its weight.

Ironically, if the G4 were made up entirely of individual countries and not the Eurozone, the UK would gain admittance as its national economy is in fourth place internationally.
Well done Gordon - you tit.

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Anonymous said...

That's precisely why President Sarkosy is so keen for Blair to be EU president, in my view: so that a special relationship with Europe replaces that between the US and Britain. That could all go a bit tits up if, in reaction to Blair being appointed to the post, pressure grows in the UK for a referendum on our membership of the super-state, let alone on Lisbon. The 'no's could well win it.

Apart from anything else, if Britain quit the EU, Blair couldn't be president any more . . .. But maybe the French wouldn't mind too much if Britain left the EU, either? It's win-win for them!