Saturday, 27 February 2010

William Hague tells us there is a better future with the Conservatives.

I'm going out tonight, so I haven't time to post anything of my own. Therefore this is a part of William Hague's excellent speech (lifted straight from Iain Dale's blog):
"When Gordon Brown took over, this, our great country, was the 4th largest economy in the world. Now it is falling behind and forecast within 5 years to be the 11th, behind not just growing giants like China, but behind our neighbours France and Italy. We were ranked 7th in the world for the competitiveness of our economy. Now we are 13th. We were 4th in the world for our tax and regulation. Now we are 84th and 86th. We are the last G20 country to emerge from recession. We are borrowing almost as much of our income as Greece, but the Greeks have more plans than Gordon Brown, like everyone else in the world, to do something about it. We are telling the British people the truth: we cannot go on like this. We say to them now: it is time, it is time to make the break. We cannot go on just borrowing money from China so that we can buy their goods and then borrow some more.

Gordon Brown is like a credit card company who will always send you another letter saying it would be so easy when in debt to borrow even more. Every family, every small business, everyone except this Government knows it is the road to ruin.

Last week Gordon Brown said the election should not be a verdict on the Government's past record. Let me tell him this: we will ensure that a country that wants to look to the future is fully aware of his record. He may not want to discuss his pension destroying, gold selling, golden rule-breaking, national debt-doubling, money wasting, tax raising, colleague rubbishing, pledge betraying, election bottling record but, oh boy, we do.

He says voters should give him a second chance. Look here Gordon, you've had 13 years now. You've had your second chance and your third. No one in Britain can afford to give you a fourth chance: no one in this country can afford another 5 years of Gordon Brown. So it is time for change. And if we do not take this opportunity, grasp this hour, to set a new direction for Britain, then I tell you in all frankness that it will be too late. It will be too late in 5 years' time to say we should have got rid of them, too late to reverse the decline: the debt will be too big, the bureaucracy too bloated, the small businesses too stifled, the slope Britain is sliding down will be too steep.

So to every voter listening to us now we say solemnly, if not now it will be too late. It is time, time to say we can rescue our country, time to refuse to get poorer and more indebted, time to say Britain is not doomed to decline, time to let the Labour party fight its squabbles out of power where it can do no harm, time to invite the forces of hell to get the hell out of Downing Street."


Peter Thomas said...

Yes, and the Tories have had thirteen years to sort Labour out, and despite this Governments' abysmal record, numerous cock-ups and lack of popularity, the Tories are still very, very afraid that they may not unseat them. "A better future with the Conservatives" - for who? The political class? We, the majority of British people, don't trust Labour, don't trust the Tories, nor the Lib Dems. We want a sea-change in politics and we want our leaders to put the interests of the UK and its people above all else; and we are not going to get that from the three main parties, are we?

A word to the wise, Dave. If you want to be the next PM promise an immediate stop to immigration until it can be brought back under control, and take us out of the EU, and you'll win by a massive landslide.

I am Sick said...

Sorry but Billy Vague is a busted flush these days. Cameron has emasculated the Tory party and they are now almost Fabianesque in policy and committment. Labour are abysmal and have betrayed this country totally. Camerons response? More of the same. A pox on all their houses.

James Higham said...

And if we do not take this opportunity, grasp this hour, to set a new direction for Britain, then I tell you in all frankness that it will be too late. It will be too late in 5 years' time ...

Quite right, Steve - far too later for a referendum on the EU.