Thursday, 11 March 2010

C4 News Video - Gordon Brown is lying over defence spending.

Now we have the truth. Our Generals have said that Gordon Brown cut defence spending, a former head of the MOD said that Gordon Brown had cut defence spending. The only person claiming that Gordon Brown did not cut defence spending - is Gordon Brown himself. And guess what? Gordon is lying again. Here is a video made by the "fact check" team at C4 News:

Don't forget that these cuts took place while our troops were fighting two wars.

Hat tip Iain Dale.


My Thoughts My Country said...

Thanks for this. It just shows what Brown is like, twists and manipulates figures for HIS own benefits.

People must realise what this man is like now.

I hope it is ok if i use this in my blog, i will link it here.


Daily Referendum said...


Feel free, it needs more coverage.

Mulligan said...

Kelvin Mackenzie called it right on QT last night (in one the rare interludes when gobby Flint actually shut up and stopped pointing her finger) "Gordon Brown never stops lying".

James Higham said...

It's astounding how they are not even bothering with the truth any more in any sort of public way.