Thursday, 11 March 2010

Liam Fox: Pleased Chilcot has not ruled out recalling Gordon brown.

Commenting on Sir John Chilcot’s response to his letter asking for Brown to be recalled to the Iraq Inquiry, Shadow Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox said:
“I am pleased that Sir John Chilcot has not ruled out recalling the Prime Minister to the Iraq Inquiry. In line with his Chilcot appearance last week, this week we have repeatedly seen disingenuous Brown dissembling again.

“He told David Cameron yesterday that “on defence, the right hon. Gentleman cannot deny the fact that the budget is rising every year in real terms”, and this morning he repeated this claim on BFBS. Yet we now know that this is not true. Gordon Brown has been caught out using fantasy defence figures.

“Not only should Gordon Brown return to the Chilcot Inquiry, he must also apologise for misleading Parliament, and above all for misleading the Armed Forces.”

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