Friday, 19 March 2010

Lib Dems in dirty General Election Campaign shocker!

Too many times has the Lib Dem party at local level carried out dirty campaigns in the hope that the Tories will retaliate, they love nothing better than to be able to shout "look at the nasty Tories". Well things are changing, you Lib Dems can be as dirty as you like, we're not biting anymore. Here is a typical example of Lib Dem dirty campaigning, and how to deal with it.

Hat Tip: Prodicus


Anonymous said...

well spotted - thanks!!

Daily Referendum said...

No worries Peter.

Man in a Shed said...

I've been arguing with anyone who will listen locally that we need to tackle Lib Dem smears and lies head on. The general public has mo idea about the nasty and unprincipled tactics that Fib Dems routinely use.

They are the most dishonest party in UK politics.

Daily Referendum said...

Clegg needs to have a good clear out. It seems that it has become the norm to run dirty campaigns.