Wednesday, 21 April 2010

General Election 2010 - Exposed, Vince Cable's waffle and lies on the Economy

I've just got home from work to find this excellent video in my inbox. Watching Vince Cable being dragged over the coals for his waffle on the economy and having his outright lies exposed is a great way to start an evening. Enjoy:

Don't forget to see Nick Clegg exposed on expense HERE


Dioclese said...

See my comments on the same video on "The Red Rag" blog.

Neil, in fairness, made them all look stupid on that program not just Vince. I don't believe any of the is either consistent or professional when it comes to the state we all find ourselves in.

Frankly I don't think any of them can dig us out in the medium term

Anonymous said...

Vince the Visionary certainly never saw that coming..