Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Nick Clegg unveils Lib Dem Manifesto - front cover.

Nick Clegg will unveil the Lib Dems manifesto this morning. I hope the assembled press finally put their policies under some real scrutiny. I won't be watching as Clegg bores me to tears - the man is an atmosphere hoover.

Front Cover:

New Lib Dem Logo:

These are not official Lib Dem pictures


Man in a Shed said...

The thing I like least about Nick Clegg is his attempts at manufactured rage which are frankly just embarrassing.

What's odd about him is he's at least 80% Tory, in a party that's at least 80% left wing.

He provides the cover for left wingers like Vince Cable.

Pablo the Scot said...

Just watched all the fake outrage on the 'Great Debate'. What was more sickening than LibDem Man was the sight of Gordon smooshing him:-
'I'm sure Nick would agree with this ....., I'm sure Nick would agree with that .....'

Bastrad needs taking out and shooting.