Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Daily Mail providing fatties with excuses for being Obese

From the Daily Mail:

As obesity levels continue their inexorable rise, the Government’s official weight-loss message is still focused on four words: eat less, move more.

But if you are one of the estimated 20 per cent of people who are on a permanent diet, or one of the 40 per cent of men and 30 per cent of women who regularly exercise and still can’t seem to lose weight, it could be very tempting to start to wonder whether perhaps there’s something else going on.

In fact, there are many common illnesses, lifestyle habits, even medications that — without you realising it — could be scuppering your best weight-loss intentions.

Here, the experts reveal the tell-tale symptoms that show the real reason you’re fat.

First, look for the description that best matches your experience, and discover what the problem could be... Click HERE to read the Daily Mail's list of excuses for being fat.

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