Saturday, 1 October 2011

ViewRanger GPS - Little Britain Walking Route - Browndown Hants

What is ViewRanger?

ViewRanger is the mobile app that will turn your smartphone into a powerful Outdoors GPS navigator, at a fraction of the cost of buying a dedicated GPS device. Plan, Plot, Navigate, Track, Locate, Record, be Guided, Analyse & Share your outdoor adventures using ViewRanger.

ViewRanger is fully featured and it will work virtually anywhere in the world using web maps or you can upgrade to topographic premium maps like Ordnance Survey in UK & Ireland and for a growing number of countries. Whichever you use, it will keep working even without a mobile signal, as the maps can be stored on the phone - essential for exploring remote places. You get access to our database of nearly 10,000 expert guided walking & cycling routes in the UK and you can plan and share trails on your pc using our online community & route planner.

Here is one of the routes that I've created and published on

This is one hell of a surprising walk. Shingle beach, woods, meadow, gorse, a river, a canal, a beautiful fishing pond, a water nature reserve, sea views, historic Naval buildings (and a mysterious 25 foot high concrete mushroom) - this is a real hidden gem of a walk - the only thing missing is an hill or two. I realised that this route resembled Britain after I uploaded it - hence the name. I think my favourite part of the walk is in the Newcastle area.

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