Thursday, 7 June 2007

Tesco are accused of selling harmful alcohol.

I can only wonder which planet these interfering fools live on when they are not sticking their unwanted noses into our private business:

John Denham, Chairman of the Commons home affairs committee, has criticised Tesco for sending promotional coupons to people who buy alcohol from their stores. Mr Denham said: "I don't quite see why Tesco should be trying to raise the consumption of high fat products, or high fat and salt or high alcohol products because that is what somebody is already buying. Where does the level of responsibility beyond selling as much as you can of whatever harmful product it is the consumer is buying stop?"

Mr Denham, Tesco are promoting products that they believe their customers want to buy. The significant part of the last sentence was "customers want to buy". Stores like Tesco have bent over backwards to cover their products in warning labels telling us what is, or even could be contained in said products. Now you object to them advertising or promoting their wares? This is not rat poison we are talking about, it is alcohol. Contrary to what the lifestyle fascist in government are trying to tell us, alcohol is not harmful. Alcohol is enjoyed by millions of people in this country in a safe and very sociable way.

This is all part of the governments new alcohol strategy targeting older people who drink at home. When is this interference going to stop? How many more of our liberties are going to be taken away from us? If I want to smoke I will, if I want to drink I will, and if I want to eat food with salt in it because I believe it tastes better, I will. These are my choices, stupid or not. My God, before long we will all wear uniforms, call each other comrade and drive (if you are a senior member of the party) around in identical (electronically tracked) cars.

Start planning your escape routes now.

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Anonymous said...

The mistake is selling harmful alcohol, and of course this should be prevented. Thanks be we have a nice caring government who wishes to keep us healthy and happy, and we only show how ungrateful we are to complain about this. One only has to look into the faces of all those caring lady cabinet ministers to see just how much we are loved.
The only thing is to make the shops sell us good alcohol, that will solve all the problems.

Daily Referendum said...


With ideas like that you could work in government:)