Sunday, 16 September 2007

Take a slow bus to Sydney? (It's green).

Those of you of the Green persuasion can now take a bus from London to Sydney. Well I'm not sure how "green" driving a bus full of people and supplies half way around the world on a twelve week journey can be. However "Ozbus" founder Mark Creasey said the journey – which costs £3750 – is an environmentally friendly way to cross the globe. Mark went on to say: “Folks that are signing up are not necessarily there for the destination, but for the experience and the people.”

Another Ozbus is planned to leave at the end of the month and seven more have been lined up for next year. You can also get a return trip, but at £7500 for a five and a half month journey, I don't think the airlines are panicking too much. Green it may be, but practical it ain't.


William Gruff said...

Your problem is that you don't smoke enough.

Here toke on this!

Now, see?

It's not only a totally far out trip, man, it's filled with 'OK yah (rough - cannot wash hands after going to loo - but hip)' credibility.

Chill out, man, and grow a whacky hairstyle!

Sorry about that but I've had trouble at work with one of those laid-back, blond dreadlocked, 'chill out man', property is theft, 'I shit in other people's gardens and leave them to clear up the mess', 'fuck society you fascist' types, and this report merely triggered my long simmering contempt for so-called 'hippy entrepreneurs' (viz: 'My anti-capitalist environmental principles do not preclude the turning of a fast buck.')

The **** at work is Slovakian, too.

Daily Referendum said...

Now now Mr Gruff,

These people are only trying to find themselves through the magic of bus travel. I bet the bus smells like the inside of a shit smugglers rucksack after 12 weeks.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I won't be taking it at those prices!

William Gruff said...

A swift kick up the arse will show most of them where they are 'at'.

Sorry Steve but I had arguments at university with Volvo driving, save the planet, I give employment to funky little brown skinned peeps, type hypocrites, and I've become a lot less tolerant since then (and I am a former Labour Party member).

Daily Referendum said...

Mr Gruff I'm in total agreement. The only thing you find under a ponytail is a horse's arse.

William Gruff said...

Indeed, and the only thing to be got from a horse's arse is?