Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Conservative Conference - Today's Speeches, Fox, Davis, Smith and Herbert.

I was thinking about covering all the major speeches today. I've covered some but I don't think I can give the rest the justice they deserve. I'll direct you to a link were you can read the speeches in full. I've been very lucky, I've just finished a set of night shifts and now have a few days off so I can watch all the speeches live. If you have missed them I feel sorry for you because you have missed a revolution in the party and a revolution in British politics. Today and in the last few days I have seen a united Conservative party, and I have seen speeches devoid of spin and full of fire and truth.

The level of the speeches has been fantastic to say the least. I'm (as I've pointed out before) an ex-Labour voter and I have never been so impressed by a set of policies and straight forward common sense politics. This conservative party will see in a new era of fairness and governmental accountability to the people. Democracy in this country has a chance with the Conservatives, giving control back to the people and ridding us of the feeling of apathy.

I started blogging out of a frustration that I did not have any say in the way this country is run. If we vote in a Conservative government that will all change.

It's time for a change.

You can read all of today's speeches in full by clicking HERE.


Praguetory said...

Great to hear you so energised. I enjoyed last year's conference enormously and I'm starting to feel more than a bit envious of you being there this year.

Daily Referendum said...

Sorry PT, I'm not there, I'm watching it live on the parliamentary channel. I will however be trying my best to go to Birmingham next year.

Praguetory said...

That's what I'm saving myself for, too. Hopefully see you there at latest.

Letters From A Tory said...

It seems that all the right boxes were ticked yesterday, but Gordon Brown's actions were still the talk of the town.


LFB_UK *The Legend* said...

The only problem I have with the tories, is that they insist they will give a referendum on the not a constitution, which if it goes the way the public want will be a no vote. Hague has stated that the tory party want to be in the EU, and to lead the reform from within, even though 30 years of reform have shown that all the EU wants is more and more power and money. That the EU is completely unreformable, is certainly in no way democratic, is strangling the UK and does not benefit the UK in anyway means nothing to them.