Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Conservative Conference - William Hague on the EU Treaty.

I've just watched William Hague's speech on foreign policy and it was absolutely fantastic. What's more he offered the British public something that Labour never would - The right to a referendum on any future EU Treaties by LAW.

William said: "If trust in politics is to be restored, manifesto commitments must be honoured. So let everyone be clear: a Conservative Government elected this autumn will hold a referendum on any EU treaty which emerges from the current negotiations. And I can tell you today that we will go further: the next Conservative Government will amend the 1972 European Communities Act, so that if any future government agrees any treaty that transfers further competences from Britain to the EU a national referendum before it could be ratified would be required by law."

William pointed out the following facts to show the public why this EU Treaty is the same EU Constitution we were promised a referendum on:

. 240 of the 250 provisions are exactly the same.

. The creation of permanent President of the European Council.

. The appointment of an EU foreign minister in all but name.

. The abolition of 60 of our national vetoes.

. For the first time, provision for the abolition of almost every remaining veto without any further treaty negotiation or proper ratification by parliament.

With every speech given by the shadow cabinet, the bar is being raised. I'm looking forward to David Cameron's speech tomorrow.

You can read William Hague's full speech by clicking HERE.


Dick Madeley said...

Every time I hear him give a speech, I wonder if they've ever thought of making this guy leader. Then I remember they did and he made a mess of it. I think it's a lesson about not get to the top too early. Yes, I'm talking to you Mssrs. Cameron and Osborne.

IanP said...

Trouble is, and Hague knows it, is that if we don't get a referendum on the current Reform Treaty and reject it, there WONT BE ANY MORE TREATIES.

We will just be a region of the EUsoviet.

I could construe therefore that this is just politics, and is a promise that he is unlikely to be able to fulfil.

Must bear in mind that the current Tory leadership is PRO Europe.

Daily Referendum said...


I've got agree with you. I've got a growing respect for William Hague. It's a pitty he doesn't want the job anymore. However I'm willing to give Cameron a chance. He can't be worse than Brown.

Daily Referendum said...

Ian, good point on the prospect of future Treaties. However you can be pro Europe but still want to maintain what few sovereign rights we have. They are also anti-EU Army and want to maintain our NATO alliance: something Brown seems not to care about.

Like the proposal of English votes on English matters, this is not going as far as we would like to see, but it is definitely in the right direction. Which happens to be the opposite one to Brown.

IanP said...


agreed on both points. It is the right direction, and for that we must give them our support.

Daily Referendum said...


That's what I'm going to do. Get rid of Brown and then push the Conservatie party even closer to our objectives.