Monday, 1 October 2007

Conservative Party Conference - George Osborne's Speech

Well I'm trying to keep up with the good news coming out of the Conservative conference, but there seems to be so much of it.

George Osborne has produced what many pundits claim to be the speech of the conference. Here is a little taster:

We have a new dividing line in British politics.

The dividing line between a Labour Prime Minister who has taxed a generation out of home ownership and a Conservative Government that will abolish stamp duty for first time buyers.

The dividing line between a Labour Prime Minister who takes away the homes of those who have saved all their lives and a Conservative Government that takes people's homes and savings out of inheritance tax.

The dividing line between a Labour Prime Minister who penalises couples and presides over social breakdown, and a Conservative Government that supports marriage and encourages families to come together.

The dividing line between a Labour Party that punishes those who aspire for a better life and a Conservative Government that says clearly: we are on your side.

We are the Party of aspiration.

And I for one am happy to put these clear choices before the British people at a general election.

You want policies Gordon? We'll give you policies! Can you feel it Gordon? Does it hurt?

You can read George's full speech by clicking HERE.


William Gruff said...

Still no word on an English Parliament though, sadly. An absolutely binding commitment to the establishment of an English Parliament, with powers at least equal to that of the Scotch talking shop, is the only thing that could ever persuade me to vote Conservative, and then just that once.

I expect a hung parliament, following a record low turn-out, with PR the price that England pays for a McLiberal Democrats pact with McLabour. The Conservatives cannot win the next election, which will not be called this year. Grooovey Dave will quit politics following his defeat.

I do not think McBraun will go to the 'country' (which one, we might well ask) before 2010.

Daily Referendum said...

I hope you are wrong about 2010 because I think we can beat them. Obviously I agree with having an English parliament but the most important thing for me right now is to be rid of Brown.

William Gruff said...

I don't think we can be rid of Brown in the immediate future and, although it sounds like madness to say so, we don't need to be. What we urgently need is a credible opposition and that we just do not have. Gordon Brown rules England unelected, even by his own party, and unopposed. I know your views, Steve, and respect them, and do not wish to give offence, particularly to you, but I think Cameron is pathetic and no party with any desire to lead the country, and the potential to do so, would have elected him. I voted for Margaret Thatcher's Conservative Party in 1979, even though I disliked her and detested some, not all, of what she espoused, because I saw that the country urgently needed strong leadership and she offered it. She did not witter on about 'engaging' people; she said 'vote for me and this is how it is going to be', and it was.

An election now can only prove Cameron's unsuitability and give Brown the mandate he lacks, since he can claim that the people of England have voted for him. Tax breaks for married couples, while welcome, are just another example of 'give-away' politicking of the sort that we have come to regard with contempt. People want an end to the madness, not engagement, not gifts.

We need a government that will, as far as is possible, take the country (England) back to a state approaching sanity by reversing much of the crazy legislation of the past ten years, although we must accept that some undesirable changes are irreversible.

We must also remember that our current predicament is not entirely the fault of Messrs. Blair and Brown. Mrs Thatcher did much to prepare the country for what has been done since her tenure and John Major's government literally drove us into Blair's embrace.

The Conservatives need to elect a leader with the imagination and strength of character to undertake serious constitutional reform aimed at repairing the damage done to our country (England); a leader with sufficient intelligence to understand that insulting the only electors likely to vote for them (the English) is not the way to achieve political power.

Cameron is not that leader.

Daily Referendum said...

I see what you are saying but having voted labour all my life I cannot stand what Brown is doing to this country. I seriously believe we are heading for a one party state. I think Cameron could do a decent job, I could be wrong of course, but I desperately want rid of Brown. Brown won't make the hard choices when he can buy the people. I think today you will see some tough decisions being made.

As far as England goes we both have the same aims. However Brown has shown that he will never listen to English wishes, while the Tories have announced that they are in favour of English vote on English matters. That's not enough, but it is at least heading in the right direction.

I appreciate your position but please give Cameron a chance. Watch him speak tomorrow and see what you think. I honestly believe he has a passion for the job.



William Gruff said...

I don't doubt his passion, it's his ability I question.

Daily Referendum said...

Mr Gruff, Only time will tell. Like all promotions, you sometimes don't see the potential in someone until they are actually doing the job.