Thursday, 4 October 2007

Conservatives fight back against Labour in the Polls!

The Conference is over and now it is time for the excitement of the Polls. Last week I wrote the post: Can the Conservatives win the 2007 general election. In it I set how I thought it could be done. As it turns out I may have been not too far off the money.

This is how the Polls stand Today:

C4 results
Labour (40<4) Conservative (36>3) LibDem (13 No Change)

Times results
Labour (39<2) Conservative (36>5) LibDem (15<2)

Guardian results
Labour (38<1) Conservative (38>6) LibDem (16<4)

A big improvement on last week. And I think it can only get better.
I'm sad to say that I don't believe Gordon Brown will call a snap election now.


Newmania said...

I was interested in your comments on Dale. I would love to know what is going on in the marginals . Cameron has risked a lot to appeal to them.

One thing is clear , unity sells

Daily Referendum said...


You know I'm a working class northern bloke and I didn't feel that the policies announced at the conference were pro middle class.

They just seemed like common sense to me. There was also a feeling of fairness about them.

I've heard talk that the conservatives will have the upper hand in the marginals and recent local voting seems to point that way. I live in Portsmouth now which has been labour for quite a while, but that looks like changing.

As far as unity goes, I agree. I think it's the lack of it that kept the Tories out of power for so long.

William Gruff said...

I think a another year or two in opposition will whet the Conservatives' edge. The population needs to understand just how constitutionally and economically destructive Labour have been and a life made increasingly more difficult by one of the most meddlesome, oppressive and incompetent governments England has had can only improve the chances of a Labour defeat.

There's a scene in Reach for The Sky in which Douglas Bader's squadron of Canadians is sitting about impatiently waiting for action. Every time the phone rings they leap from their chairs in expectation only to sink back with a groan as they learn of a false alarm. That is what is happening at the moment.

There'll be no action this year.

Daily Referendum said...

Mr Gruff I think you are correct. Though I really would like to see an election now. It's a shame that it is going to take the public so long to realise what Brown has done to the country.

Those of us that take an interest in politics already know and it's frustrating.