Friday, 19 October 2007

Crime, drugs, and pub 'n' dole. (Home office crime figures).

The Home Office have published figures showing that, wait for it: Reported crime has dropped. I bet you didn't see that coming. However if you look into the figures (i.e past their website's governmental propaganda crime statistics page) you will find that the picture is far from Rosy. While the chances of you being a victim of crime have reduced slightly, the chances that the person carrying out any crime against will be "off their head" on drugs has increased by 14%. Nice. Oh and though gun crime has reduced slightly, you stand a greater chance of being shot dead.

David Davis said: "Over a decade ago Gordon Brown coined the phrase 'tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime'. Drug abuse is one of the major causes of crime and these statistics show Labour have patently failed to deliver on their rhetoric."

I think the Conservative shadow home secretary could be onto something there.

Labour: Tough on crime, tough on manipulating the statistic of crime.

You can view the crime figures for 2006/7 by clicking HERE.


Response Plod said...

Hear! Hear! You should have a read of my blog especially the entry titled "lies, damn lies and statistics" I agree totally what you say.

Labour make it sound like crime is being tackled but respect has gone, gun crime is up, vicious beatings are up and so is petty red tape stopping the officers actually doing what they were employed to do!

Or is that now in the hands of Blunkets Bobbies?

Anonymous said...

Possibly you remember when the USSR used to claim that communism had abolished crime in Russia. They could also produce the figures and statistics to prove it. Our statistics now come from government sources, and when unfavourable, can be refined to the state required.

Everyone now knows that the police are a sick joke, good only for chasing the law abiding, and filling out forms in the fastness of their fortified police stations. Everyone knows that the courts are there to protect the offender not the victim, and that only the ethnics and the perpetrators are worth consideration, and in any case the prisons leak violent criminals.