Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Douglas Alexander is not guilty says Gordon Brown.

At long last former Scottish Secretary Douglas Alexander has apologised for making a total hash of the May elections. However, Gordon Brown told the Commons that Douglas Alexander was not at fault and accused the Conservatives of misleading the people. If that is true, why did Dougie apologise? He told the house: "I, of course, apologise for any actions or omissions on my part which contributed to the problems encountered in the Scottish elections."

David Cameron, who again soundly beat Brown at PMQ's, said: "You promised us a new type of politics. You said you would be more open and honest. You said you would be frank about problems. You said you would be candid about the dilemmas. That was in your leadership speech 100 days ago. After your performance today doesn't that feel like 100 years ago?"

I'm waiting for Gordon's next trick, maybe he will ride a unicycle or wear a flower that squirts water at the next set of questions.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he'll start performing some illusions, like pretending he is a good Prime Minister.

Daily Referendum said...


Even the great illusionist Tony Blair would struggle to convince us of that.