Thursday, 25 October 2007

People say that Gordon Brown is crap at PMQ's - I think they are spot on.

Gordon Brown Crap at PMQ's
Iain Dale has a post up on his blog at the moment entitled: Why Gordon Brown Is So Crap At PMQs.

This is my take on Brown's poor performance in front of the dispatch box. For one thing he is no Tony Blair, he lacks Tony's charisma and is not able to face criticism in the same way, preferring to hide when the brown stuff hits the air circulation device. For another, Brown is crap at PMQ's because every time he has appeared in front of a camera in the last month he has had to waffle and spin. His cabinet ministers have to waffle and spin and though they usually get away with it, these embarrassing episodes are happening too close together for the people to forget the last one.
Labour have relied on the people having short memories. Unfortunately for Uncle Joe Brown they are not short enough to forget one disgraceful act followed quickly by another and another and another.....

This is why any talk of shadow cabinet re-shuffles should be shelved and David Cameron should concentrate on keeping Brown against the ropes. As the polls are showing, the people are not forgetting Labour's mistakes and they are getting a lot less charitable. You can forgive the odd blip, we've come to expect a bit of waffle and spin from our leaders, but we cannot forgive what looks like a constant stream of incompetent actions.

Labour are not fit to lead, and David Cameron and his team need to drive that fact home to make it clear in the minds of the British public.


poisonous slippery V Stalinist ruthlessness: said...

Cameron lost yesterday. What are you on about? He had to get the speaker to help him out. He did not know what he was talk' about on the Scottish issues. Why has the tory blog community taken it upon themslef to talk up Cameron. Be honest you will loser credibility. I did not see a defeat.

Daily Referendum said...


You are wearing rose tinted glasses mate. It's not just the Tories, the media are slating him as well. Cameron didn't get the speaker to help him out. The speaker rebuked Brown for getting into such a pathetic state that he forgot where he was and as good as called Cameron a liar.

Not very statesmanlike.

axaxaaxaxax said...

The media slating him is the spectator. I cannot see what they are looking at. You cannot seriously think cameron is winning. This ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Brown is pathetic. He hardly knows what day of the week it is. Ir is now clear how this incompetent buffoon made such a pig's ear of the economy. We must get this man out of Downing Street as soon as possible before he does much more damage.