Sunday, 7 October 2007

Gordon Bottler Brown knows no shame. The Andrew Marr Interview.

Gordon Bottler BrownGordon Brown left the threat of a General Election hanging over the Conservative conference in an attempt to throw it into disarray. Then in a move of cynical spin unmatched in modern times he used and abused our soldiers for his political maneuverings. Luckily his "Troop Trick" stunt backfired on him in the press. Following the Tory conference and some very unfavourable poll results for Labour, he bottled it and announced that he would not call an election.

To top it all he told his pet reporter Andrew Marr that he was going to steal the best (most popular) policy to come out of the Conservative conference. The man without a shadow of a doubt knows no shame. If you can stomach it, you can watch Brown waffle and dodge during his interview with Marr by clicking HERE. In my opinion (and I'm not alone on this) Andrew Marr gave Brown a very easy ride.

George Osborne hit the nail on the head saying: "The Labour Party promised us at the last election that Tony Blair would serve the full term and then there would be an election. Well, Tony Blair's gone, the new guy's in charge, he's been there for a while now. He's deliberately stoked up speculation about an election and now he's gone and bottled it."


The Morningstar said...

Andrew Marr should be henceforth known as the Brown poodle. Watched the interview and he never gave him a hard time and Marr allowed Brown to walk all over him.

Daily Referendum said...


Neither of them could claim it to be their finest hour.