Friday, 26 October 2007

Should David Cameron agree to a referendum on a ratified EU Treaty?

David Cameron EU Referendum Ratification David Cameron has a very difficult decision to make on whether to agree to a referendum on a ratified EU Treaty. I can understand his dilemma. I want a referendum on the treaty before it is ratified. We were promised one and Gordon Brown has gone back on that promise because he knows we will vote no if given our democratic choice. The problem with agreeing to call a referendum if he comes into power after the any ratification of the Treaty, is the massive discord it would cause with the rest of the EU. There would be I think, calls from other member states for us to agree to keep the Treaty or leave the EU, full stop.

I think David has to give this problem a lot of thought, given that it could come down to a in or out decision. My gut feeling would be to call the referendum and face the consequences, but I am not going to be in David's position. We have the luxury of making our choices without having to pick up the pieces if it all goes wrong.

There is no doubt it is a lot easier to stop us entering into the treaty now, than it will be to remove ourselves from it after ratification.

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Struan Jamieson said...

I'm with you-at the end of the Day as Mrs. T proved when you face out the blowhards in the EU, they give way.
A UK Government backed by the people can say we will not observe the Treaty since our people have not ratified it. If the EU then goes to the Court, we still say NO. If they finje us, tell them to sod off, if they expel us, Bliss but in reality we make the second largest financial contributions to the EEC, if we left that would really **** up the EEC budget