Friday, 12 October 2007

Theresa May - Gordon Brown's £250m for senior civil servants.

Conservative Press Release.

New research released by the Conservatives today shows that the number of senior civil servants has grown by almost forty per cent since 2000. Senior bureaucrats now cost the taxpayer a staggering £250 million in salary costs. Commenting, Theresa May, the Shadow Leader of the House of Commons, said:

"As Chancellor, Gordon Brown commissioned Sir Peter Gershon to make government more efficient. He said he would deliver a gross reduction in civil service posts of 84,150. But these figures show that this was just classic Brown spin – more of the same old politics.

"On Gordon Brown's watch, there have been more than a hundred tax increases, central government has been getting bigger and bigger – but we've seen little improvement in public services. Whatever Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling claim, it is clear that they are not the change the country needs."

Rt Hon Theresa May MP

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