Thursday, 1 November 2007

Daily Referendum - New look Blog (again).

I know I said I wouldn't be changing the look of my blog for a while, but it just didn't look crisp enough. Hope you like the new look. Any suggestions are welcome.



Update: Liam Murray took pity on my attempts at designing a new header, and very kindly produced the one you now see adorning the top of this blog. Many thanks to Liam.


Grendel said...

Another improvement.

Good stuff Steve.

Daily Referendum said...

Cheers Grendel,

It's all thanks to Liam.

Andrew Allison said...

It looks good Steve; very professional.

PS The picture of the Palace of Westminster does look good as a desktop background. Cheers!

Daily Referendum said...

Cheers Andrew,

I'd like to go back to London with a decent camera.

Andrew Allison said...

It's a hell of a good picture, Steve. You have the composition just right, with St Margaret's and Westminster Abbey popping up in the distance. Get a good digital camera, take lots of pictures and publish them on the blog please.

Daily Referendum said...

Cheers Andrew