Thursday, 1 November 2007

You've got to love the Australian approach to health and safety (Crocodile in pond).

2m Crocodile in pond In our country kids can't play conkers anymore unless they are wearing safety goggles. All risk is being removed from childhood. In Australia they are not so strict and are willing to let their kids face a little more danger:

Apparently a fisherman hooked a 2m crocodile in a drainage pond in Cairns Australia. He was quite surprised when it popped out of the water, however local workers have reported seeing a 3m croc in the same area.

This pond is apparently used by the local kids to have a bit of a swim, so I had to laugh at the statement given by a spokesman for Cairns City Council. The spokesman said: the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service would be called in to remove the croc if it became a threat.

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fake consultant said...

now that the writer's guild of america is going on strike, we are going to need a greatly increased amount of "reality" programming to fill the hours.

it sounds to me like "survivor: baby crocodile hunter" might just be a winner.