Tuesday, 13 November 2007

For her next trick - Jacqui Smith will spin 5,000 illegal security workers.

Jacqui Smith
This Afternoon at 15:30 Jacqui Smith will make a statement in which she will try to explain (spin) why it was not announced back in July that 5,000 illegal immigrants have been wrongly cleared to work in security. Apparently leaked papers show the home secretary knew about this in July, and David Cameron is claiming that it appears that this has been kept quiet because it was: "going to look bad for the government". You know, he could just be on to something there.

This, if true, shows a complete lack of competence, followed by a complete lack of honesty when the security of our country was at risk. These people have been working for the Metropolitan Police, airports and ports. I'm looking forward to Jacqui's explanation. It's going to have to be a beauty to convince me that the public has not been put in serious danger after an unbelievable cock-up.

According to the BBC, a subsequent Home Office report on 20 August admitted that neither the department nor SIA knew the extent of the problem. The report went on to say that the Home Office press office continued to "recommend strongly" that no public statement be made, and that any announcement "would not be presented by the media as a positive story".

So are we looking at a cock-up cover-up? Let's see what Jacqui Smith has to say at 15:30.......


Prague said...

I'll be watching at 4.30 CET. It's pretty hard to see how she can spin out of this one satisfactorily.

Anonymous said...

I certainly wasn't a cock up, its hardly a coincidence that info like this was keep hidden over the summer as Labour were planning to go to the polls.

Its shows that Labour has hit new depths, not just burying bad news, but surpressing it as part of an election plan.

Daily Referendum said...


Hello Bud, It looks like she doesn't have to. What with Defra making their Bird Flu statement at exactly the same time and the beeb burying it, she's home free.

Daily Referendum said...


What else has been hidden?