Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Jacqui Smith must love Bird Flu.

Just as Jacqui Smith stood at the dispatch box to explain herself for what looks like a cover-up of the fact that she knew in July that up to 5,000 illegal immigrants have been cleared to work in the security industry, Bird Flu came to the rescue. What a coincidence! DEFRA announced that the Bird Flu outbreak on a Suffolk farm was indeed the deadly H5N1 strain at almost the exact moment Jacqui stood up.

Wow what a stroke of luck for Jacqui. After the Bird Flu announcement Jacqui doesn't even make the front page of the BBC News Website.

Do some people make their own luck?

UPDATE: The Guardian are saying that Jacqui denied a cover-up, saying she did not inform MPs or the public, because the scale of the problem was not clear at that point. Even Prime Minister Gordon Brown - whose car was at one point guarded by an illegal worker - was not initially told of the problem, she revealed.

Is she seriously trying to tell us that Gordon was not informed that an illegal worker was guarding his car? B*ll*x.


Sir James Badger said...

Lovely French sound to Jacqui but Smith lets it down a bit.

Robin said...

So Jaqui knows about it but will not be punished. A driver will not know about clandenstines in the back of his trailer but he has to pay a civil penalty,possbly even have his truck confiscated.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Quite convenient, I must say.

Mike Kingscott said...

What about the lead story in the BBC News last night? Instead of going with this (the much larger story), they lead with a story about illegal immigrants being beaten when being deported *obviously* so we'd feel sorry for them when this story came up. The BBC is a disgrace.

Daily Referendum said...

Sir James,

It's exotic.

Daily Referendum said...


Hello mate, you are right, it's do as I say, not as I do.

Daily Referendum said...


This seems to happen all the time. Now the beeb seem to be burying it.

Daily Referendum said...


I am also sick of the BBC claiming to be impartial. It's a joke.