Wednesday, 14 November 2007

PMQs - When did Jacqui Smith tell Gordon about the illegal immigrant security failure.

Prime Minister Questions 14 Nov

14 Nov 2007: When did Jacqui Smith tell Gordon Brown about the illegal immigrant security failure? That was the question David Cameron asked the prime minister during PMQs. And the answer is that we may never know because Gordon chose to dodge the question on several occasions. This was a major security breech, and no matter what action Jacqui Smith claims she took, the people should have been informed. If it wasn't a cover up then it was definitely incompetent stewardship of public safety. I seriously hope that this is not going to be swept under the carpet. For one thing, there can't be much room left under there.

Gordon also managed to dodge (twice) the question put by Vincent Cable, of how much money has been lent to Northern Rock and whether he could guarantee that it would be repaid in full, with interest, within the time period of the current parliament. All in all, Brown has done himself and his party no favours today. He failed to answer a perfectly reasonable question on the security of our country. I just wish that the entire nation watched PMQs so they could see first hand what kind of man we have looking after our well-being.

And the one thing that has really wound me up while watching PMQs recently is the need for Labour ministers to sit on the front bench, smirking while the are being exposed as incompetent. What the hell has Jacqui Smith got to smile about?


David said...

Steve, I hate that smirk too. It's the look of a person who thinks they have somehow aced their opponents - it was all over Brown's face during the Pre-Budget Report earlier in the year. But quite how this bunch of low-lifes think they have bested anyone is behond me...

Daily Referendum said...


I wonder if they do it to stop themselves blushing.

William Gruff said...

I'd be smirking too, if I knew that win or lose I had a ministerial pension to look forward to.