Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Prime Minister's Questions - Donor-gate.

Cameron went in for the kill, and point blank questioned Brown's competence as prime minister. All Gordon Brown could do in reply was to hark back to 1992. It was an absolutely pathetic display by Brown and surely his days are numbered. Vince Cable brought the house down by pointing out the Brown had transformed from Stalin to Mr bean over the last few weeks. I just wish that David Cameron had more questions to put to Brown who was quite clearly on the ropes, bleating on about the internal review. Cameron asked Brown why he hadn't called in the police and why Mendelsohn was still in his job. Again Brown passed the buck to the Electoral Commission.

UPDATE: Chris Huhne has written to Sir Ian Blair asking him to open a police investigation. This is in no way the end of the disgusting affair. I am more convinced than ever that Gordon Brown will be forced to step down. Hopefully, sooner than later.

UPDATE 2: Janet Dunn now remembers the cheque with which she donated £25,000 on behalf of David Abrahams.


Anonymous said...

I now carry a New Labour Donorcard ...which states that I want to help others fund the party in the event of my death.

Daily Referendum said...

Nice one Harry.