Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Queen: EU Reform Treaty is to be debated in Parliament.

The Queen announced in her speech yesterday that "Legislation will be be brought forward to enable parliament to approve the European Union reform treaty". The government are still arguing that the Treaty is an amending treaty, and does not require a referendum.

The Conservatives (and many others) are saying that the Reform Treaty is almost identical to the previously rejected Constitution. With many of the leaders of the other member states claiming the same, it's going to be difficult for Gordon Brown to convince the majority of the public that want a vote, that one is not needed.

The House of Lords EU select committee are calling for the publication of any governmental reports that have looked into the ramifications of signing the Treaty. The Lords have also asked the government to show how the Treaty differs from the failed Constitution.

Good on the Lords, maybe they can maintain democracy even if Gordon Brown is trying to circumvent it.

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