Sunday, 2 December 2007

David Cameron on The Andrew Marr Show.

I've just watched Andrew Marr interview David Cameron. I've got to say that David once again showed why he is the leader of the Conservative party. Ever since his speech during the party leadership campaign, David has demonstrated time and again to be an articulate and savvy party figurehead. Without going overboard he established Gordon Brown's recent antics to be exactly what they are - spin.

David's analogy of the current Labour donation debacle was right on the money, David said: "Gordon Brown is a man who has been caught with a gun, waving it about, who then says we we need better gun control" (not word for word but near enough). Andrew Marr tried to trip Cameron up on a few occasions but did not seem to trying too hard. I think that could be because when it comes to sleaze, David has done a good job of eradicating it from the party. You will find that when someone hostile to the Conservatives attempts an attack, they have to hark back to a period of 10 to 20 years ago. That line will not work indefinitely, especially when the aggressors are constantly in the public eye for scandal, followed by disaster, followed by incompetence.

I wonder how much the Labour party faithful would give for a party leader like David Cameron. I hate having to say this, but Tony Blair was a far more competent Prime Minister and leader of the Labour party than any of us realised. He was the super glue that held so many weak parts of his government together. Now we see a Labour party held together by runny porridge, and it's starting to collapse in on itself.

You can watch the interview by clicking HERE.

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