Saturday, 1 December 2007

Keith Vaz spins Labour's involvement in Donorgate.

I've just watch Keith Vaz blatantly spin this whole dodgy donation fiasco in an attempt to pass the buck to the Tories. He's just had the neck to tell the BBC that this is all to do with the conservatives walking away from negotiations on donation capping. The Tories walked away from the negotiations because Labour refused to include the unions into the capping system.

And this is why:

The Government gave £12.8m to the unions (Modernisation Fund). The unions gave £17m in donations to the Labour Party.

That’s money from the TAX PAYER to the GOVERNMENT - from the GOVERNMENT to the UNIONS - and from the UNIONS to the LABOUR PARTY.

Can anyone spot a link? In fact, wouldn’t it be better to cut out the middle men and pay OUR TAXES directly to the LABOUR PARTY?

Fair enough, it could be said that the money given to the unions, by the government on behalf of the tax payer, is different to the money the unions are giving to the Labour party. But why do we the tax payers, need to give the unions £12.8m, when they obviously have £17m to burn on Labour party donations?

Can you smell something? Does it smell like a rodent that likes to frequent our sewers?

I feel sorry most of all for the union members. They are paying their taxes, some of which is finding its way into donations to the Labour party. And then to add insult to injury, they are paying their union fees, which are also finding their way into the Labour party coffers. Do they realise that they are donating twice?

We need a senior member of the shadow cabinet to get on every news channel possible to point out this disgusting practice.


Alfie said...

God, I utterly detest that man Vaz-aline. He's so damn greasy. Ever since VazGate, I've regarded him with the utmost contempt.... anyone else would have been banged up. A month or two ago he was on the Daily Politics - he was just awful, he stonewalled the whole time and occassionally showed the 'R' card.

Come to think of it, whenever I've seen him, he never fails to chuck in the race card - no matter what the subject.

If he is one of our deepest political thinkers who actually deserves the amount of air time given to him - then God help us.

Daily Referendum said...

Vaz is quite willing to embarrass himself with transparent spin. No shame.