Sunday, 30 December 2007

Jack Straw - We're going to rob more Tory policies.

Apparently Jack Straw has said that Tory policies are resonating with the public and that Labour must adapt to survive. Translation: "We're going to rob more Tory policies." Labour ministers are probably hoping that the public will have forgotten where the ideas originated. Labour have been totally devoid of ideas since Gordon Brown took over and the few policies they have put forward were stolen from the Conservative conference. It's not easy to be in opposition to a government that steals your ideas accumulated from nearly a year's worth of policy review. I've said quite a few times over the last year that Labour ministers know no shame and I think this will be proved again over the next month.

What can the Tories do? Well for one thing, every shadow minister needs to shout loud and clear at every opportunity that Labour are stealing their policies, that Labour have no ideas of their own and that no matter how good the ideas they have stolen may be, they have shown time and again that they have a complete lack of competence to implement policy. Labour will come out of the Christmas period hoping to start the New Year with a bang. David Cameron needs to be ready to stand toe to toe and he must have some knock out counter punches ready.

The first thing David needs to hit Brown with is the disgusting way he has dropped the amendment to pensions Bill which was to give women the chance to make up the shortfall in their National Insurance contributions by making lump sum payments. This amendment was dropped in the most sneaky and underhanded way possible and Gordon Brown needs to be dragged over the coals for it.

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