Friday, 28 December 2007

Still here, still blogging - just.

Hello, I'm back - just. I was seriously wondering if I would start again. I've been blogging for just over a year and this is my 823rd post. That's just over two a day which isn't too shoddy I suppose, though lately I like to post at least three times a day. This has been my best month so far and I'm still only bringing in about 8,500 unique visitors per month. I was hoping to do better than that, but don't we all? I'll have to see what the New Year brings. And maybe I'll have to do one of those polls that asks the readers what I can do to make my blog more attractive - Any suggestions now would be welcome. Thanks to all those who sent Christmas wishes and I hope you all have a happy New Year.


lewisham kate said...

Steve relax...take a deep breath. Stop just for a moment you have a great blog and lots of readers if there was anything that needed changing i think people would let you know. As it is a great blog with great content.

Daily Referendum said...

Cheers kate.

rightsideforum said...

You're still going strong steve, it's always an interesting read!

I will be adding you to my list of conservative blog feeds herE:

You'll get free promotion here, although currently we take far less unique visitors than yourself, so take it easy, you're doing great!

Mrs Smallprint said...

Now's not the time to have a crisis! There's important work to be done, pressure to be applied - remember that many marginals are only won by a few votes so you could help be that swing.

I've just added you to my blog list so you have to keep at it.


Mrs S.

Grendel said...

Can't really add to what Kate and RSF have already posted.

It's not only your contribution through your (excellent) blog that is valued. It is also the support that you give to us down here at the amoebic level of blogging that is greatly appreciated.

Keep going Steve and your efforts will surely be rewarded.

robin said...

I thought that was quite a lot of bloggers Steve. You`ve certianly got more than me. Mind you, I haven`t got a blog.

William Gruff said...

Why are you blogging?

I get just eighteen visits a day and I've no idea how many are uniques. I suspect that I attract fewer than fifty per month but I blog merely for my own amusement and it matters not to me who reads my rubbish, I'd write it even had I no readers, as was the case for most of the first year.

You keep an excellent blog, one of the very few that I visit more than once a day, but if you get no pleasure from it you should give it up.

I'll miss you if you do. Do stay in touch.

Daily Referendum said...

Thanks to everyone who has left a comment. I am going to carry on, but I'm promising myself not to take it so seriously. Mr Gruff you were right, the blog was becoming a chore rather than something to enjoy.

rilly super said...

happy new year to you too Steve

823 posts in a year? *thinks embarrassedly of her own 80 posts in this year* sigh

Andrew Allison said...

I was hoping for more hits this year too, but I know I have a band of regular readers and that's important to me. Keep on going.

Happy New Year to you and your family.