Tuesday, 18 December 2007

LibDem Leadership campaign, will it be Nick Clegg or Chris Huhne?

All you LibDems only have to wait until 14:30 to find out who your next leader will be, isn't it exciting? If I was a crueller person I could say that you've only got to wait until 15:30 to see who the next one is, but I won't. It's possible that Clegg may just hang on to his lead, but it's going to be mighty close. Huhne has been the man making all the noises, and over the last month has come across as the man representing the LibDems. I'm sure Clegg is worthy of the position, many people seem to think so, but I can't depend on personal knowledge as he seems to have disappeared recently. I feel that I've got to know Huhne from his TV and Radio appearances. Of Clegg I know very little, which is not good for a man supposedly running a leadership campaign.

That's why I think dark horse Huhne will be victorious this afternoon. I'd like to see Huhne win because he seems to be more thoughtful and statesmanlike than Clegg who seems to be a clone of David Cameron. He looks like Cameron, sounds like Cameron, but something essential is not quite there. I've made Huhne my choice purely on the grounds of character - I could not go on their policies - I try not to read them as they generally wind me up. So I suppose for me, Huhne just looks and sounds the part.

Will this mark a bounce for the LibDems? And if it does, will they win over Conservative voters, or Labour voters? Here is my prediction:

. Huhne will win the leadership election.

. The LibDems will see a bounce into the low 20's.

. The Conservatives will drop to the low 40's (42-43ish).

. Labour will go sub 30, they will get hammered in May's Elections, and Gordon Brown will be forced to resign.

OK lets see if I can get the first one right. See you after the results are announced.
UPDATE: Well I was wrong on my first prediction - bugger. I hope I'm right with the rest of them.
Chris Huhne gave an excellent speech, great humility. 511 votes, could it have been much closer?


Sunonmars said...

Sorry not blogged for a bit, I've been away.

How did the LD's vote for a guy who has practically been invisible during the whole Donorgate saga and not for Huhne who had torn Labour to shreds with good ability. I suspect had Donorgate happened 2 weeks earlier. Huhne would be Libdem leader as most had voted before that.

Daily Referendum said...


Hello mate and welcome back. I think you are spot on. There are probably quite a few voters that wish they hadn't voted so early.

Richard Havers said...

Just watched Clegg on C4 news, he was laughable.

Daily Referendum said...


I missed it. I'll try and catch it later. Cheers.