Monday, 17 December 2007

Illegal immigrant working on security staff at the Home Office.

I'm not sure - is this Jacqui Smith's biggest act of incompetence yet? A few days ago Jacqui claimed that it was the employer's responsibility to check whether their employees are illegal immigrants. Now it turns out that a member of security staff at the Home Office has been arrested for being an illegal immigrant. You could not make it up. I was driving home from work when I heard the news, and I couldn't help laughing.

Jacqui Smith told us that those employing illegal immigrants would be prosecuted, and I have to agree with what David Davis made of this farce:

"Last week the Home Secretary could not go out of her way enough to lay the blame for the SIA shambles at the door of employers. If she is going to try and avoid responsibility in such away she should at least check her own house is in order. Who will the Home Office now prosecute and fine? Itself?"
I've heard that this man was working on the front desk, checking bloody security passes! Jesus H Christ - the bloody Home Office! We need to invent a new word for this government, because the word incompetence does not even approach the pathetic level this bunch of clowns have sunk to.

This government has set itself very low targets, and failed to miserably achieve them.


Dark_Heretic said...

To quote my Grandfather

'This shower culdn't run a bloody whelk stand at the seaside let alone a country'

He also prophesized mass immigration, rising credit problems, escalating wages, no end to red tape and selling off our sovereign powers to the EU

He also says on this matter 'I didn't fight in the last war so we could surrender to them now'

I think he's got it just about right maybe he ought to be PM?

Daily Referendum said...


I think your Grandfather is a wise man, and he would get my vote.