Friday, 22 February 2008

Labour's trips to Auschwitz are a gimmick - Full stop.

Let me start by saying that I wouldn't be a member of a party that did not take the dreadful horrors of our history seriously. Today CCHQ sent briefing notes to the MSM on a speech by David Cameron - attached to the notes were a list of Labour gimmicks. Number four on that list was "Trips to Auschwitz". This as caused a PC storm of hand wringing disapproval (unsurprisingly from the government). They are asking with faux outrage: "How can the Tories put the words gimmick and Auschwitz in the same sentence?" I'll tell you how - the bloody government promised to send those kids on these very important trips, what they didn't mention was that the schools involved would have to stump up almost a third of the cost.

Sending kids to Auschwitz is not a gimmick, making out that you are performing a grand gesture whilst having no intention of fully funding it, is. If Labour had fully funded the school trips to Auschwitz, those trips would not have appeared on the following list of Labour gimmicks:

1. Community kitty for every neighbourhood
2. Funding for flooding
3. Honours for sportsmen
4. Trips to Auschwitz
5. New Border Police
6. Reversing 24-hour drinking policy
7. Police to confiscate alcohol from teens
8. Titan prisons
9. Prison ships
10. Engaging the public in policy making
11. 1,300 new train carriages
12. Protecting Public Spaces against terrorist attacks
13. British jobs for British workers
14. Deep Cleaning of hospitals
15. NHS constitution
16. Screening tests: cervical cancer
17. Screening tests: C.difficile
18. 1,000 troops home before Christmas
19. Deportation of foreign nationals
20. Inheritance Tax
21. Tenants forced to work
22. Five hours of culture a week
23. Netball to be introduced for the 2012 Olympics
24. Migrant Charges
25. Knife Scanners
26. Petition plans.

And please do not forget to read the rest of the list.


Jimbo said...

Oh dear.. a very bad day, sorry week.

Firstly nutter John Redwood is recommended as shadow chancellor ( This is a joke - right )

Boris’s buddies, the Natwest 3 are banged up, and then the Tories opposition to the DNA database is shown to be ridiculous, quickly followed by Marly lights Cambo insulting Holocaust victims. Jesus has Caulson been on the sauce.

Fair play to Nick Clegg, he was on News-Night opposing a national DNA database – NOT a Tory in sight…PATHETIC.

What ever next: Cambo listing 26 Labour gimmicks. I’ve read the list, some are policies that are to a degree fulfilled, some are aspirational, and are some ideas that can in the future be successful.


In fact read the doc on the Tory web site, the Labour party must be delighted it virtually free NuLab advertising.

Anonymous said...

When Dave Call me Dave comes up with ONE policy I may take isue with 26 Gimmicks

Bretwalda Edwin-Higham said...

One sighs, just sighs. How on earth are they the government?

Daily Referendum said...


Do you really believe what you've said?

Daily Referendum said...


Hello again Jimbo.

rilly super said...

actually that nice young man who's in charge of france has got into hot water on this subject as well mr referendum. Looks like a topic best avoided..oh...bugger