Saturday, 23 February 2008

Mass defection from Labour to the Conservatives

According to a report in the Derby Telegraph approximately 300 Labour members in the Derby city area are to defect to the Conservative party tonight. Conservative party chairman Caroline Spellman is believed to be visiting the city to welcome them.

Jasvinder Rai, 37, of Littleover, has supported Labour all his adult life and will be leaving Labour to join the Conservative ranks. He said:
"In Labour, I felt it was undemocratic and when the leadership said jump, we were expected to say 'How high?'."I supported Labour because it ran in the family, my grandfather was a supporter and so was my dad, so I followed suit."When I actually sat down and looked at Labour's policies, I don't agree with their stance on issues like immigration, crime and university fees but I look at Conservative policies and see they match up with my views better."
The defection follows anger within the Asian community about the de-selection of Sinfin councillor Hardial Dhamrait. Asian community leaders also say they are disillusioned with Labour policies and are no longer prepared to offer the party the unquestioning support it has traditionally received from their fathers and grandfathers.

Full story HERE.


thud said...

Breaking from family political affiliation can be difficult...I know from experience.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Caroline Spellman? That witch? They'll be back to Labour by the end of the evening. Why not somebody likeable like Dinky Duncan or Oliver Letwin?