Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Mr Rude causes Anglo-French relations to decline.

And you thought we had problems with Russia? It looks like our relations with France are going to become a little chilly over the very undiplomatic cartoon character Mr Rude. Mr Rude will appear in the new Mr Men series. His party piece is to get children to pull his finger, obviously he then farts. The problem for our friends across the channel is that Mr Rude has a French accent.

A French Embassy official said: “it is obviously meant in a light-hearted way, but it won’t improve Anglo-French relations”.


Jeremy Jacobs said...

Oh dear, looks like we've upset Johnny Francois. What shall we do?

French man said...

I think this is outrageous. As a French person, I really feel insulted.
I'm tired of this idea that racism against blacks or muslims is outrageous, but against French is funny. That comparing Lewis Hamilton with a monkey is scandalous, but calling all French people frogs is a bit of a laugh!!
I think channel 5 and the creator of this bad adaptation are rude !

Pablo the Scot said...

Oh dear, someone has annoyed the French! How will that foster better relationships with our cheese eating surrender monkey friends and fellow citizens to the south?

Its sack cloth and ashes for all Brits now. Repent, repent!

Daily Referendum said...

Jeremy, not a lot I should imagine.

Daily Referendum said...


A little too sensitive I think. It's just a cartoon.

Daily Referendum said...


Nightmare or what?

inishee said...

Bonne Saint Valentin to all Frogs and Roastbeefs!
Especially to my Brit of a husband.
I love you chéri!

XXX from your smelly French wife
Bisou from your half-rude kids!

(Love fights stupid nationalist stereotypes)