Monday, 4 February 2008

Times Populus Poll gives Conservatives a big lead.

This chart shows the results of a recent (the weekend just gone) poll carried out by Populus for The Times. It's timing couldn't be better following some not so great polls published in the last week.

Add this to the speculation of possible Labour defections to the Conservative party, and things are starting to look up.


lettersfromatory said...

A defection would be fantastic, just the kick in the vulnerable area that Labour need to feel right now!

Pablo the Scot said...

I tend to agree that a defection would be great news for the Tories but I am not at all certain that Frank Fields will defect from Labour. He has spent his whole life in their ranks. He meekly accepted his demotion for thinking the unthinkable about Welfare reform. Why should a slapped wrist now make him leave the 'big tent'?